10 Things To Look For In Your Imaging Center

When it comes to choose a medical imaging center you have lots of options! So how do you sort through all of the information and pick the one that will best meet your needs? We've compiled a list of the top 10 things to look for.

1. Price!

You price shop for cars, clothes, shoes, vacations, furniture, well you get the picture. So why not shop for your radiology service and save an extra thousand dollars then go buy one of the things previously listed with the money you save. Check out www.saveonmedical.com to save up to 80% on your imaging procedure.

2. Location!  

Maybe it's close to home or maybe it's close to shopping.

3. What's the turn around time?

Will your doctor have images and results the same day, next day or will it take a week.  Just remember a happy doctor means a happy patient, and the quicker the doctor has your results the faster they can fix you.

4. Ease of Access!

We are located a short walk from #6 Train Stop at Lexington & 77th Street.

5. An awesome & easy-to-use website   

6. Smiling Faces!  

Who would want to go to a location that doesn't make you feel welcome.  Instead of feeling like the person at a restaurant waiting for your light to flash and vibrate, come to us and we'll be your friend.

7. Open or Closed?

There are different types of MRI machines, make sure you choose the one that "fits" you. Do some research and look a the difference between an open and closed machine.  Heck come on in to our office and we'll show you our open.

8. Office environment

Can you watch TV while you wait, read a book or magazine, help us vote on our contests.

9. Flexibility

We will work with you and your schedule, make your appointment early or late.

10. Certified Staff

Make sure you have the ability to ask questions to someone who can answer them properly.

Ask Questions - It's your choice, be curious, make sure you are going to the place where you will fill most comfortable and confident.  After all we do need you to lay as still as possible.